Saturday, January 26, 2019

Scooting Gained Me a Friend

Who would have thought that being forced to go from riding a tricycle to riding a mobility scooter could gain one a friend.  Well, this has happened to me.

Whilst still being unsure about swapping from one to the other I looked out of my ground floor flat window and saw a mobility scooter parked up directly outside.  It was sitting there waiting for the owner to come out and set out on his/her journey.

I had no idea who the scooter belonged to, because parking up directly outside is not normally done by the residents.  Everyone tends to go directly from the electric bike/scooter parking sheds and back again just as one would in the car park with a car.

So I assumed at the time that it was possibly a visitor to the flats.

But me being me, had no qualms about going out and taking a close look at it.  I wanted to see the sort of dashboard one gets now on a modern scooter, but I also wanted to test out the comfort of the seat.  Being as how it was due to the discomfort of sitting astride a saddle on my trike after my operations what the main reason I was thinking of swapping for a scooter.

I felt sure that the owner wouldn't mind me testing out the seat, as we are all a very friendly lot here, and of course as we are all elderly, we are all nosy.

As I was having  a play, the owner came out, caught me, and chuckled at catching me red handed so to speak.  The owner turned out to be my brand new neighbour, having moved in on the same floor as me, just along the corridor a couple of months previous.  Prior to this I had only met her and chatted to her very quickly on the actual day she moved in.  After that we hadn't cross paths again.

We got talking and on finding out that I was being nosy because I was thinking of giving up my trike getting a scooter instead, she instantly gave me the keys to have a ride about our complex on hers.   It was great fun to try out.

I then found out that she had moved all the way down south here from Manchester and didn't know the area at all but was looking forward to exploring on her scooter.  Being as how I not only used my trike as my only form of transport but also for fun I of course know some great places in the area to visit or simply for great run outs.  One of us, I can't remember which now, suggested that perhaps when the more decent weather comes the pair of us could go out on outings together.

From that day we have become firm friends.

I am absolutely certain that if it hadn't been for the fact that because I was thinking of getting a scooter myself and I was nosy enough to go out and have a look at Margaret's we would never have become such friends.

Most of the residents here one barely sees as we are a very aging population and they aren't out and about alot, unless they are still young enough to be working, and those we do see tend to keep themselves to themselves.

As older people it's very hard to make new friends.  So I am very pleased to have met Margaret.

Read of our first run out together here A 5 Mile Run Out

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