Tuesday, December 4, 2018

I Can't Believe How Stupid I Am

I couldn't believe it when I woke up to a beautiful day this morning after all the wet, windy, or freezing cold days, or a mixture of all three, we have had for several weeks.  Not only was it bright sunshine but also almost with a warm sun.  So I wanted to get the scooter out just for a quickie, mainly so that the scooter doesn't feel I have abandoned it but also to give the battery a little boost.

After getting on it and making myself comfortable, turning it on, and attempted to reverse out of my parking position I discovered that the buggy could barely move.  It was struggling to move even a couple of inches.

My heart sinking, thinking it was buggered, I suddenly thought that it must be on tortoise mode because I always park in tortoise mode just in case I brake too slowly and hit the back of the scooter cover.  Not that that should have made it not actually move.  But anyway I turned the nob up from tortoise to hare, and tried again.

This time she did start reversing but seemed to be going at tortoise speed only.

Now I'm thinking that maybe when Charlie fixed the ignition he accidentally jarred something out of place in the workings of the nob for tortoise and hare.

Disappointment flooding me, I'm thinking I will have to now get in touch with Charlie and wait for him to have some spare time to take a look at it.

But knowing that I needed to test it thoroughly before contacting Charlie I drove out of parking and set off aiming to go just around the block to test just how fast she was able to go.  Top speed seemed to only reach 4mph.  Bugger, bugger, I thought.

Then it suddenly hit me.  "I bet I have the slow - fast switch on".  The slow/fast switch is located under the dashboard and it's not something I have been bothering with because I prefer to use the slow/fast nob on the top of the dash.

I checked the switch and yep, it was on slow.  Stupid, stupid me.  I must have used that switch on slow mode to park the buggy up when I last used it.  It seems that if one has both switches on it changes it from the choice of 4mph - 6mph to between 2mph - 4mph as top speed.

 From now on I'm never touching that bloody switch again.

I"m very relieved all is good again.

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