Monday, October 22, 2018

Testing the Hills

One thing I have been a bit worried about, is being as how my scooter is only a medium sized 6mph scooter, is getting up hills with less power than a larger scooter has.  Plus of course I am still not sure of how new or old the batteries are.

So today my friend Margaret and I decided to test it out on the short but very steep hill we have coming from the beach up and onto the road.  The hill there is probably the steepest hill I would come across in what will be my personal area of travelling.

Margaret also rides a scooter, and with her 8mph one is up and down that hill several times a day when taking her dog for a walk.   It was quite amusing with both of us riding in tandem on our short outing together.  Several people that we passed remarked on it, joking with such as "are you having a race", etc.

It was very cold out even though the sun was shining so we just made a couple of tests up and down but it was enough to tell me that I had absolutely no cause to worry.  My little buggy made the hill easily with no sign of struggling at all.  I can now be assured that the very long hill I have to ride up on coming home after visiting my Sister and her family will be no problem.

One thing my buggy isn't keen on though is riding across the shingle along the beach front path that is washed up with the wind and rain off of the beach.  So any rough terrain is out of the question.

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