Saturday, October 6, 2018

One Step Closer to Getting a Mobility Scooter

I think whoever invented the mobility scooter deserves a medal.  When you think of how many people young and old that it's freed up from being constantly having to rely on others to get around, to being able to do so much again for oneself.

Maybe I"m not desperately disabled to the extent that I need one for short distance walking as many people do, but really more need it for personal transport to go further than walking can take me. 

Charlie came in for tea yesterday and he had my scooter in his van.  He had picked it up from the societies store room and was taking it home to check it out, polish it up etc.  He tells me and it's in better condition that he first thought.  I went out to have a look see.  It's an old one, a gorgeous blue metallic, but in good nick.  I'm sure he will do a wonderful job on it.  I'm so hoping it will turn out good enough to last me a good while.  The longer it lasts me the more time I will have to save up for a top of the range one.

I'm now very much looking forward to having a play on it.  He has told me I mustn't worry about breaking down or running out of battery as he will be my road side and recovery service, lol.

I rang the office today to try to get a space in one of the cycle sheds for my trike as at the moment it is in one of the electric scooter sheds. As the scooter will need to be in the electric sheds, and as we are only allowed one space I need to find alternative storage for the trike.  Unfortunately there are no spaces in the bike sheds at present,  but was told that they are sorting out a new way of storing cycles as so many people want them now and can I get back to them in about a month.  In the meantime I'm going to have to put my trike under my window with a cover over it.   Bummer!  But will probably be selling it anyway if the scooter works out.

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