Saturday, October 13, 2018

Louie's First Ride

We have had tremendously high winds this last few days and therefore I have stayed in doors and ignored the scooter and instead continued with my sorting, minimising, and organising my flat of which I managed to get a lot done.

In the afternoon the wind dropped and the sun came out for a short while so I ended up taking Louie out on the scooter for a quick ride around to see how he was on it.

I had him sitting on my lap but he was attached to me in the way an over the shoulder bag would be.  I had a detachable strap in my wardrobe from one of my bags that I never use on it, preferring to use the bag just as a hand bag.  So instead of having it attached to each end of a handbag, it's now attached to each side of Louie's harness.  So I am sort of wearing him like a handbag, lol.  He is perfectly safe, and can move from my lap to sit beside me with no fear of him jumping or falling off.  Not a perfect solution but will do until I can get something else sorted.

He seemed to really enjoy it, but then he is used to riding on the trike.

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