Wednesday, October 10, 2018

I Now Have a Mobility Scooter

Oh My Goodness!  I now have a mobility scooter.  Totally free.

Charlie brought it over for me today.  It's a very old Explorer 6 and only does 6mph but has cleaned up a treat.  Charlie checked it all out for me, blew off the cobwebs and cleaned it up.  We aren't however, yet sure of how new, or old, the batteries are.  So for the time being I am not going to go a distance on it until I'm certain the batteries are good enough to get me there and back again.  The basket on the front is a bit crap and discoloured but as it's so small I would be changing it anyway.

I've just got back from a 10 minute ride around on it.  Checked that it did do the speed it was built for by using a speedometer app on my phone, and practiced at riding it without causing it, or me, any damage. 

I'm so pleased with it.

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