Saturday, October 20, 2018

Costs So Far

So far the only money the scooter has cost me is £47:44 on bits for it.  But the good news is that those bits will also serve any new scooter I buy in the future.  So the money isn't wasted.

Free: Scooter
£19:99 Wrist Rear View Mirror
£ 8:50 Control Panel/Tiller Cover
£18:95 Waterproof Scooter Cape

Total: £47:44

Louie and I had another ride out on the scooter.   I tried to get him to sit on the foot plate instead of on my lap, but it worried him being down there, so back up he came.   I really must sort something out so that he can sit beside me.  When he is on my lap his paws are digging hard into my legs, and that's not at all comfortable.

I think temporarily I might start taking a cushion with me to put on my lap so that he feels more secure and also his paws stop digging in me.

It's only got a tiddly little basket in front at the moment so he can't travel in that, and although there is an extra add on one can buy to put a large basket on the back I never did like him travelling behind me in that on the trike.  Charlie reckons we could figure out something that could allow him to be beside me.  A sort of sidecar if you like, by way of a basket.  I will figure out something eventually I'm sure.

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