Wednesday, October 24, 2018

A 5 Mile Run Out

After the few short test rides I have made to test if the batteries maybe old or new and having no problems, my friend, Margaret, and I made a 5 mile round trip today with our scooters down to our nearest Sainsburys super store.

The charge in the batteries was hardly made a dent of but unfortunately I was unable to time how long the journey out to reach Sainsburys took us because Margaret seemed terrified of going at a decent speed for her scooter.

Being as how Margaret is new to the area, and not knowing how to get to Sainsburys, I lead the way.  Which I thought also wasn't a bad idea as I have the slowest scooter at 6mph and Margaret's is 8mph.  However, it wasn't long before I realised that Margaret was continually dropping behind and I was spending a great deal of time waiting for her to catch up.

I estimated that the journey out should have been at the very maximum of 25 minutes.  However it actually took us just under the hour.  It was so very frustrating for me, and once we had arrived I wasn't looking forward to the long journey home again, which did in fact take us a full hour.

On the way back though, thinking it might be nervousness on Margaret's part, I did bring us back a different way through much quieter roads, which is a slightly longer route anyway.  This quiet way made not an iota of difference to the speed that Margaret travelled.

A couple of minutes from home and having just waited for her to catch me up again, I turned around and outright asked her why she rides so slowly when she has the ability to go at 8mph.  Turns out, that she had no idea how to use the scooter or the law on how fast she was allowed to travel.  For some reason she had been told that she is only allowed to go 7 or 8 mph when over taking.  After our chat she did then ride the short distance we had left to get home at a much more reasonable speed.

We did both thoroughly enjoy our first run out together though and will certainly do it again soon before the weather gets too wet or maybe even snowy.

I did have one problem though when coming back out of the shop and put the key in the ignition.  The ignition unit had become very loose and when trying to turn the key the whole thing turned which meant I couldn't turn the ignition on.  After several attempts at trying I held tight to the fixture which allowed the key to turn, so at least I was able to get home ok.

I have a friend coming along, probably Friday, to fix it for me.  But the good news has been that it does look like the batteries have either been well looked after or are new ones.

On my next run out I want to risk a 9 mile round trip which will be to visit my Sister.  One to test the battery and two, to time how much longer it will take me than it does to go by trike.


  1. So exciting to now have a scooter Sandy! It will be so much easier for you to get around and have that freedom to go places.

    1. The other thing I am appreciating about a scooter rather than the trike is the fact one can wrap warmer in the winter which means that more trips can be made by my own steam when our weather gets really cold and wet than I could on the trike.


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